This website is a tool for Children and Young People to find out how they can access advocacy services in Wales.

What is advocacy?

Advocacy helps children and young people to speak out and explore issues that are important to you. Advocacy can help you know what your rights are, help you have your voice heard and to be involved in decisions that are being made about your life.

Advocacy has a National Standards and Outcomes Framework, which tells you what you can expect from advocacy services.

There are three different organisations who provide advocacy in Wales. Which one is right for you will depend on where you live and if you have a social worker.

Any child or young person who usually lives in Wales and has a social worker can have an Independent Professional Advocate.

There are two providers for this

Any young person who lives in Wales but doesn’t have a social worker, can still access advice, information and advocacy via the Meic Helpline

Use the tool below to see which provider works in your area.

I Live In:

If You Do Not Have A Social Worker You Should Contact MEIC Cymru

If You Have A Social Worker & Live In You Should Contact TGP Cymrulink icon

If You Have A Social Worker & Live In You Should Contact NYASlink icon